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Tax Time – NOT the most wonderful time of the year

Like most small business owners, I’m usually last on my own priority list. So here I am, April 14, doing my taxes. I can’t find one of my largest 1099s, one was filed incorrectly, and my computer printer is not working.

And, thanks to changing accounting software no fewer than 3 times last year (including a brief pass through Microsoft Excel), I’m having quite an interesting time figuring out exactly what I spent and was paid.

My new quest, while I wait for my printer to realign itself, is to identify a small business accounting solution that I can deal with. It must include time tracking that is smart enough to integrate time from multiple employees and correctly assign it to clients and projects. Ideally, I’d like to be able to group projects within a client (these projects are part of Department A at Client 1, these are with Department B at Client 1, and those are for Client 2).

If I find something worth sharing – you’ll find it here!

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