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KF Communications Donates Non-Profit Website

Re-Designed Website for The Blue Bird Circle Aims to Raise Funds for Pediatric Neurology Research

HOUSTON, Texas (October 22, 2012) – The Blue Bird Circle, which provides administration support and fund raising for the research and treatment of pediatric neurological disorders at Texas Children’s Hospital, has launched a new website donated by Woodlands, TX web development firm KF Communications.

For nearly 90 years, The Blue Bird Circle has been known in the Houston community as a volunteer organization with a heart for children. Through a donation from KF Communications, the organization now boasts an upgraded website which allows them to maximize fundraising efforts, minimize costs and improve communication with donors and the community.

The Blue Bird Circle members annually raise more than $1 million and contribute over 100,000 volunteer hours for the research and treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, developmental delay, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, headaches, autism, stroke, cortical malformations, brain tumors, and rare neurogenetic conditions. The new website allows The Circle to:

  • better promote news about research and fundraising efforts
  • sell event tickets and accept donations online
  • integrate with social media
  • readily highlight event sponsors
  • gather statistics on site traffic
  • provide new photo galleries
  • quickly and easily update the website in-house

In addition, The Circle will be able to highlight special offerings at The Blue Bird Circle Resale Shop in Houston, Texas, which provides the organization with its largest source of income.

“Thanks to KF Communications, we are now reaching out to a new and much larger population of buyers and supporters,” said Virginia (Gina) Hall Saour, 2012-13 President of The Blue Bird Circle. “We have finally arrived at the threshold of the latest technology in communicating our mission and purpose,” she said. ¬†Charitable contributions of individuals and corporations afford advances in neurological medical research and treatment which gives hope and healing to the children who suffer from devastating disorders.

KF Communications president, Kimberly Friddle, decided to donate the company’s resources because she is a strong advocate of The Circle. Friddle, whose daughter is a patient, has seen first-hand what an impact The Circle is making. “My hope is that with this new design, I have created a more effective fund-raising tool for the important work of The Blue Bird Clinic for Pediatric Neurology at Texas Children’s Hospital,” Friddle said.

The Blue Bird Circle’s fundraising efforts benefit The Blue Bird Clinic for Pediatric Neurology, The Blue Bird Circle Developmental Neurogenetics Laboratory and The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center. Special events include The Gala, and The Style Show. Other fundraising efforts include projects such as Easter Egg Sales, Easter Basket Sales, Cookbook Sales, Tea Towel Sales, Baby Blanket Sales, and The Blue Bird Circle Resale Shop. For more information, call 713-528-0470.

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