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Marketing Coaching

Marketing Coaching (and Telecoaching) Services

Marketing has to be consistent to be effective. A marketing coach can help you stop chasing the idea of the week and build, then follow, a consistent marketing approach that will help the right people learn to know, like, buy from, and refer you over time.

Most of our engagements involve two phone meetings per month and extensive email communication. We can guide you through the process of defining your brand, building your marketing plan, and even implementing specific tactics (such as direct mail, websites, or coupons) in an effective and affordable way.

We can recommend and facilitate relationships with affordable graphic designers, SEO experts, printers, promotional items vendors, and others that will help save you money as you develop your marketing programs.

And, you’ll save time and money by eliminating unnecessary marketing spending.

“We saved thousands of dollars as a result of that first phone call.”
- Marv Weidner, President, Weidner Inc.

Creating a Marketing Vision

We help our coaching clients to:

  • Create a vision of how marketing will support their personal and professional goals.
  • Formulate specific marketing objectives that are ambitious, but achievable with focused work.
  • Identify barriers and necessary resources
  • Create a realistic action plan and GET IT DONE.

Who Elopes on their First Date?

Marketing isn’t rocket science, but without the benefit of experience, businesses can waste a lot of time and money on marketing programs that don’t generate results.

Every good salesperson knows that picking up the phone and answering questions will not meet quotas, but that’s probably what your website – your one and only 24/7/365 sales rep – is doing today.  People come, learn about your store hours, or your product, and they leave, never to be seen again.  Or maybe they fill out that little box that says “Sign up for our Newsletter” (hey, when was the last time you sent one of those, anyway?).

Just like you’re unlikely to strike up a life-long friendship on the basis of a chance meeting at Starbucks (sure, it happens, but how often?), you’re unlikely to gain significant volumes of customers on the basis of people who “bump into you” once online.  The people, or companies, that you know, like and trust are the ones you’ve seen or spoken with over and over again in a comfortable context.

Marketing is about creating relationships within your market.  Whether you do it virtually or personally, your business is meeting people and starting conversations every day.  Make sure you take the time to turn those chance meetings into ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships, and your business will thrive.

Marketing Technology Saves the Day

Once you recognize this, you’re on the cusp of greatness, because the technology exists today to make this happen painlessly and reasonably affordably.  We’d love to show you how.  Contact us today for a free, no-strings attached, 15 minute strategy session.

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