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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

At its simplest, marketing automation is a process of setting up automated email communications so clients hear from you more often and receive more relevant information.

At its best, marketing automation can be a complete system that ties together your email marketing, website, and lead management system to give you real-time, usable information on:

- Sales prospects.  Imagine how much more effectively you can meet prospective clients’ needs if you know what they’ve already looked at on your website.

Superman sees through walls. You need marketing automation.

Give your sales team superpowers!

- Hot leads. Major deal in the pipeline? Have the sales rep alerted via text when the prospect visits your website – clearly when they are thinking of you and probably have specific questions.

- Campaign effectiveness. Open rates aren’t what you hoped on today’s email?  Add another email mid-stream to build your momentum.

Marketing Automation: X-Ray Vision for Sales


Kimberly Friddle of KF Communications and marketing automation guru Jim Meyer of eTrigue Corp. partnered up to produce this webinar illustrating how marketing automation can provide “X-Ray Vision” for your sales team.

Marketing Automation: How KF Communications Can Help

KF Communications helps companies scope and implement marketing automation solutions, from simple email programs to large implementations that integrate complex websites with Salesforce or other lead management solutions. We can assist with creating a realistic scope, selecting the best technology for the job, managing the project and testing the system. We can even help you manage your email campaigns once your marketing automation system is in place.

With both business-to-business, large-systems background and small business savvy we are ideally suited to help clients of all sizes make the most of marketing automation technology.

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