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Keyword Research: Not Just for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Anymore

I attended a truly excellent, free webinar hosted by small business marketing maven Ali Brown recently.  Ali said something that struck me to my core.  She pointed out the obvious (which is something she does very well) – keyword research is the easiest, most affordable market research there is.

Now, I know how to do keyword research.  I do it quite well, thank you, in the context of every search engine optimization campaign I conduct.  It was a HUGE ‘ah-ha’, however, to make the leap from SEO tool to general business application.  Think about this, guys.  When users type in that “search” bar, they are telling you EXACTLY what they really want, and EXACTLY the words in which they think about it.

We should be looking at that data before we ever create a product, not after it’s all built out in an attempt to make it to the top of the list.  Can’t afford a statistically relevant market study?  Go to the Google Analytics Keyword Tool and find out if anyone else is dying to solve the problem your product addresses, or if it’s possibly your own personal quirk.

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