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About KF

KF Communications – Where Marketing Meets Technology

KF Communications’ founder, Kimberly Friddle, knew early that she wasn’t like the other marketing kids.  She never dreamed of holiday retail campaigns, or creating ads for The Big Game.

She liked making complex ideas understandable for laypeople.  She loved building robust web sites that are easy to use.  And over the years, she found others who felt the same way.

Our customers sell things that are complicated, such as sub-sea repair services, medical devices and financial products.  We are based in Houston, Texas, but our clients are all over the United States.  We work well remotely using technology such as WebEx, instant messaging, and a robust project management portal that gives clients easy access to all aspects of their projects 24 x 7.  However, we are not averse to travel and love to meet with clients face-to-face when the situation warrants.

We offer:

  • Easy, affordable websites
  • Social media management and monitoring
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Coaching and phone consultations

Call us at 281-782-9819 or email to discuss how we can use technology to help you get your message to your market.

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