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Happy Ad Ware. Er, New Year.

Back to work and energized after a wonderful holiday, I was thwarted this week by an irritating little plug-in called “Coupon Companion”.  This little parasite tagged along with something I downloaded and began presenting ads at all kinds of inopportune moments, such as in the middle of client demos, while screen-sharing on a video conference, and so forth.  I used the uninstaller and it just came right back again.  Nasty little bugger.  And it started inserting valid looking hyperlinks within web pages I visited, twice fooling me in to clicking through (yes, time for another virus scan after each of those trips).

Since it’s not exactly a virus, as strictly defined, my virus software doesn’t flag it.  It’s just really, extremely frustrating and intrusive adware.

Image by the talented Mac McRae.

The good news is that I found a seriously cool tool when I looked to remove it.  Revo Uninstaller (the free version) uninstalled the application, then did a “deep clean” to identify all the related registry keys and other associated files so they could be deleted.  Rock on, Revo!

Addendum:  While “Coupon Companion” was a part of my issue, I also found another item called “Link Selector” that had to be removed to get things running properly.  Seems Link Selector was actually the more pervasive problem.  Again, Revo did the job.


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