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No REALLY. Keywords DO NOT matter for the search engines.

I have the hardest time convincing people that keyword metatags are not important for SEO.  Perhaps this video from Google’s Matt Cutts will do the job for me.

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Happy Ad Ware. Er, New Year.

Back to work and energized after a wonderful holiday, I was thwarted this week by an irritating little plug-in called “Coupon Companion”.  This little parasite tagged along with something I downloaded and began presenting ads at all kinds of inopportune moments, such as in the middle of

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1 Idea, 12 + Revenue Streams

You’re hearing a lot of talk about this “big world of opportunity” available to entrepreneurs everywhere, and especially for women. But the truth is… very few mentors are diving in deep enough to help you understand what’s REALLY important for growing a moneymaking business you love. My

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An Easy Way to Make Your Sales Follow-Up 100 Times More Successful

Web leads are more time sensitive than many people may realize.  Their expiration is measured in minutes, maybe hours, but certainly not days. According to a study conducted collaboratively by and James Oldroyd, Ph.D., who worked on the project over over several years at Kellogg School

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Keyword Research: Not Just for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Anymore

I attended a truly excellent, free webinar hosted by small business marketing maven Ali Brown recently.  Ali said something that struck me to my core.  She pointed out the obvious (which is something she does very well) – keyword research is the easiest, most affordable market research

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Help A Reporter Out (HARO) Today!

If you aren’t in the know about HARO, you are missing out. PR guru Peter Shankman started this service a couple of years ago.  It’s a free service that sends a digest, 3 times a day, of media requests looking for people to interview for stories.  Urgent

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Making the Simple Complicated is Commonplace

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus Now, as a musician, I don’t think Mingus was actually referring to the spoken word, but the principle applies. The next time someone asks, “What do you do?” (aka the

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Nice free graphics

Just downloaded some great freebie buttons at: I always like to give credit where it’s due – so… thanks to PixEden for the gorgeous download buttons.  I’m putting them in place on a non-profit site where I do some pro-bono work. Thanks!

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Tax Time – NOT the most wonderful time of the year

Like most small business owners, I’m usually last on my own priority list. So here I am, April 14, doing my taxes. I can’t find one of my largest 1099s, one was filed incorrectly, and my computer printer is not working. And, thanks to changing accounting software

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